Thursday, September 17, 2020

Lycanthrophy - 20 Years of Blast Core (2020)

female fronted grindviolence from Czech 
20th aniversarry of Lycanthrophy.
Collection of new and old tracks from different recording sessions and live. 
(more Lycanthrophy HERE)

Disidents - Generation Waste EP (2019)

punk hardcore d-beat from UK

Disidents - Demo (2019)

punk hardcore d-beat from Manchester, UK

Malarazza - Self Titled (2020)

grindcore from Italy 

Power of Dusk - Demo (2020)

punk hardcore thrash from US

Reality Nightmare - Back of Beyond (2019)

d-beat punk from UK

Reality Nightmare - Rehearsal (2019)

d-beat punk from UK

Decade - Self Titled (2020)

hardcore punk thrash from Canada

Decade - World Stops Turning (2018)

hardcore punk thrash from Canada

Decade - A Deadly Game Of Make Believe (2017)

raw punk d-beat from Canada (their best or my favorit records from Decade)