Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Warkrust - Sofrimento & Ilusao (2019)

female fronted raw punk d-beat from Brazil
(more Warkrust HERE)

Warkrust - Helvete (2018)

raw punk d-beat from Brazil
(more Warkrust HERE)

Communal Violence - Consciousness of Error (2020)

female fronted powerviolence from Sweden

Celda - Demo 2019

female fronted raw punk hardcore from Mexico

Slund - Slund 'Em All (2020)

grindcore powerviolence from Slovenia
(more Slund HERE)

Slund - Quarantined (2020)

powerviolence grindcore from Slovenia
(more Slund HERE)

Helvetin Viemarit - Kavellen Helvetin Viemareiden Lapi Demo K7 (2011)

raw punk hardcore Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hate Fuck - The Misandry EP (2017)

hardcore punk from UK 

Hate Fuck - Mindless Racket That Will Disappear Into the Infinite Abyss of Music No One Gives a Shit About Faster Than You Can Say Turd (2014)

hardcore punk from UK