Thursday, August 27, 2020

Hypocrite - These Idiots EP (2020)

hardcore punk from Denmark

Hypocrite - Mayhem Demo 1 (2017)

hardcore punk from Copenhagen, Denmark

Buried Inside - Chronoclast (2004)

hardcore metalcore screamo from Canada

Botch - An Anthology Of Dead Ends (2002)

hardcore metalcore from US

Botch - We Are The Romans (1999)

hardcore metalcore from US

Dom Dar - Machines Way + Unreleased (1994)

hardcore punk from Sweden

Chola - Teatro de Mascaras (2020)

raw punk hardcore fastcore from Coquimbo, Chile

Emboscada - Demo (2020)

punk hardcore from Argentina

Victimas del Estado - Resistencia Antifascista (2020)

blackened crust from Argentina

Victimas del Estado - Black Crust Attack (2020)

blackened crust from Argentina

Fenrir Fengard - El Despoblamiento Global es Inminente (2020)

blackened crust from Argentina

Tension - La Locura Acecha... (2020)

punk oi hardcore from Madrid, Spain

Tension - Self Titled (2018)

punk oi hardcore from Spain

Tension - Demo (2014)

punk oi hardcore from Madrid, Spain

Cursed - Two (2005)

hardcore metalcore from Canada

Punitive Damage - We Don't Forget (2020)

female fronted raw punk hardcore from Canada

Rated X - United Front (2020)

hardcore punk from UK
(more Rated X HERE)

Metro - Coup D'envoi (2020)

hardcore punk from France