Monday, August 24, 2020

Massive Obliteration - Demo (2020)

grindcore from France

VA - We Got Party (1987)

hardcore punk bands

Besthoven & Disjawn (2020)

raw punk d-beat from Brazil + USA
(more Besthoven HERE
(more Disjawn HERE)

Dronez - Starving For War (2018)

crust d-beat from from US

Abusive Action - Demo (1985)

fast hardcore punk from US

Heavy Discipline - Self Titled (2020)

hardcore punk from US
(more Heavy Discipline HERE)

Siggy Magic And The Hey-Hoe Band - Commercials For Free (1978)

punk hardcore from Canada

Classics of Love - World of Burning Hate (2020)

hardcore punk from US

VA - Profane Existence Benefit Comp (1999)

hardcore punk crust compilation

Massgrav - This War Will Be Won By Meat Eaters (2008)

fastcore powerviolence from Sweden

xBENxKURNSx - the Bistory of Hateball (2020)

powerviolence grindviolence from US

Targets - Demo 2020

hardcore punk from US

Rukus - Demo 2020

hardcore punk fastcore from US