Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Total Jerks - Fear (2018)

punk hardcore from Indonesia
(more Total Jerks HERE)

ZONA ZLA - Sesja 2 (2017)

punk hardcore from Dublin, Ireland

ZONA ZLA - Sesja 1 (2016)

punk hardcore from Dublin, Ireland

BASH - No Time Wasted (2016)

hardcore from US

Cavalerie - Spectral Rage (2020)

hardcore crust from Paris, France

Marthe - Sisters of Darkness (2020)

female fronted crust sludge doom from Italy
Marthe is a one-woman band from Italy. The lady behind it's Marzia, current drummer in d-beat crews Kontatto and Tuono and guitar player in deathrockers Horror Vacui.

Gods Of Grind & Gate (2007)

grindcore from Japan

Gate - Soon To Be Sodomized (2001)

grindcore from Japan

Gate - This Is Grind! (2nd Demo) (2001)

grindcore from Japan

Gate - 1st Demo (2000)

grindcore from Japan

Reduction - Social Disorder (2002)

raw punk crust from Japan 

Youth Strike Chord - Self Titled (1995)

fast hardcore punk from Japan