Saturday, June 6, 2020


raw punk d-beat kang punk from Helsinki, Finland

Bootlicker - ''Live in the Swamp'' (2020)

punk d-beat from Canada
(more Bootlicker HERE)

Hot Graves - Haunted Graves EP (2020)

crust d-beat hardcore crossover thrash grindcore from US

Savageheads - Self Titled EP (2015)

punk hardcore from US

Savageheads - Demo (2013)

punk hardcore from US

Shitload - Sounds Of Discontent (2020)

crust grind from US

Shitload - Bleach. Lightbulbs. (2020)

crust grind from US

Shitload - Flatten The Curve (2020)

crust grind from US

Snubbed - Set Me Free (2020)

punk hardcore fastcore from US

Snubbed - Self Titled (2019)

punk hardcore from US

Bullet Proof Backpack - Total Lockdown (2020)

punk hardcore from US

Pontius Pilate - Demo (2020)

raw punk hardcore from US