Thursday, May 14, 2020

MassReaction - Minden Szar (2019)

d-beat/crust from Hungary

MassReaction - Ugar (2017)

d-beat/crust from Budapest, Hungary

Mock Order - Self Titled (2013)

Mock Order is a animal rights/punk/d-beat collaborative project by Cody (Ottawa, Canada) and Hannah (Dublin, Ireland). Cody wrote and recorded the instruments and Hannah did vocals, lyrics and artwork. 

Allt Ar Skit - Demo (2014)

female fronted/discrust from Belarus

Partiya - Fuck! I Don't Want To War! (2015)

crust/grind from Belarus

Partiya - Stably Fucking Bad (2012)

crust/grind from Belarus

Partiya - Assholeraisers (2011)

crust/grind from Belarus

Partiya - Forty Minutes (2008)

crust/grind from Belarus

Zuboroth & Kawakami Nightmare & Partiya (2012)

blackened sludge doom metal from Russia + d-beat/noise/raw punk from Belarus & Ukraine + crust/grind from Belarus

Kawakami Nightmare & Nulevoj Effekt (2012)

discrust from Belarus & Ukraine + crust/d-beat from Russia 

Disgod & Kawakami Nightmare (2011)

raw punk/crust from Indonesia + raw punk/discrust/noise from Belarus & Ukraine

Kawakami Nightmare - 3 Track Demo (2010)

d-beat/discrust/noise/raw punk from Belarus & Ukraine

Jhilke And The Rockers - Self Titled (1996)

punk from Nepal

Squirt Guns - Slide To Unlock 2013)

punk/hardcore from Nepal

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Grasp - Demo (2020)

hardcore/punk/crust from US

Orkpack - Death to Human Ragtag Demo (2016)

crust/d-beat from Russia

Anti-Cimex - Scandinavian Jawbreaker (1993)

punk/hardcore/d-beat from Sweden
(more Anti-Cimex HERE)

Anti-Cimex - Made in Sweden (live '93)

punk/hardcore/d-beat from Sweden
(more Anti-Cimex HERE)

Anti-Cimex - Fucked in Finland EP (live '92)

punk/hardcore/d-beat from Sweden
(more Anti-Cimex HERE)

Anti-Cimex - Absolute Country Of Sweden (RE 2000)

released as LP 1990. This is the RE. version with 7 bonus tracks.
(more Anti-Cimex HERE)

Anti-Cimex & Shitlickers (1997)

raw punk/d-beat from Sweden
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(more Shitlickers HERE)

Abnormality - Mechanisms of Omniscience (2016)

female fronted / brutal death metal from US
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