Thursday, May 7, 2020

VA - Disorder Disorder Disorder

old school/punk/hardcore compilation

Corrupted Human Behavior - Self Titled (2020)

crust/punk/stenchcore from Portugal

Archagathus & Meat Spreader (2020)

mincecore/grindcore from Canada + goregrind from Poland (members and ex members of Dead Infection, Coffee Grinders, Exit Wounds, Squash Bowels, Hybrid Viscery, Eternal Rot, Neuropathia.....)
(more Archagathus HERE)

Archagathus & J.M. Churchill (2018)

mincecore/grindcore from Canada + mincecore/grindcore from Russia
(more Archagathus HERE)
(more J.M. Churchill HERE)

VA - Japan Early 80's PunkCore (2008)

52 tracks with 80's punk/hardcore bands from Japan (awesome compilation)