Thursday, May 7, 2020

VA - Disorder Disorder Disorder

old school/punk/hardcore compilation

Corrupted Human Behavior - Self Titled (2020)

crust/punk/stenchcore from Portugal

Archagathus & Meat Spreader (2020)

mincecore/grindcore from Canada + goregrind from Poland (members and ex members of Dead Infection, Coffee Grinders, Exit Wounds, Squash Bowels, Hybrid Viscery, Eternal Rot, Neuropathia.....)
(more Archagathus HERE)

Archagathus & J.M. Churchill (2018)

mincecore/grindcore from Canada + mincecore/grindcore from Russia
(more Archagathus HERE)
(more J.M. Churchill HERE)

VA - Japan Early 80's PunkCore (2008)

52 tracks with 80's punk/hardcore bands from Japan (awesome compilation)

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

VA - Kakumei 2 (1991)

hardcore/thrash/punk bands from Japan

Contact Grid - Self titled (2019)

fast hardcore/punk from US

Contact Grid - Demo ll (2018)

fast hardcore/punk from US

Contact Grid - Demo 2017

fast hardcore/punk from US

Agathocles & Crustalno Jasno & Chikara (2018)

mincecore from Belgium + crust/grind from Bosnia & Herzegovina + crust/grind with members from Bosnia, Sweden, Italy and Slovenia
(more Agathocles HERE)

Agathocles & G.I.Joke (2015)

mincecore + grindcore from Belgium
(more Agathocles HERE)

Abandon - the Death of Urgency (2009)

straight edge hardcore from US

A.S.C.O - Conciencia Incendiaria (2017)

punk from Spain 

Abandono - Un Paso Mas (2016)

punk from Argentina

VA - Cottage Cheese from the Lips of Death (1983)

hardcore/punk compilation

VA - Japan Attacks Skatepunkers (2010)