Monday, May 4, 2020

NoNoNo - Raw Live Fast Tape (2019)

female fronted / fastcore from Japan
(more NoNoNo HERE)

Spazz - Live at CBGB June 29,1997 (2020)

powerviolence from USA
(more Spazz HERE)
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Butcher ABC - Live at Obscene Extreme Aftershow (2020)

grind'n'roll from Japan
Recorded at Live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2019 Aftershow in Czech 

VA - Slight Slappers-We Love El Puente EP (2020)


VA - El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol.2 (2020)

hardcore/punk/fastcore/powerviolence/grindcore compilation

VA - El Puente Benefit Compilation Album Vol.1 (2020)

hardcore/punk/thrashcore/powerviolence/thrash/grindcore compilation

Revertt - Bermeo Skinhead Hardcore (2020)

hardcore/punk from Spain

Revertt - Self Titled (2019)

hardcore/punk from Spain

Contempt - Murcia Skinhead (2020)

punk/oi from Spain

Mortalis - Enemigos (2019)

punk/oi from Mexico 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Aktivna Propaganda - Podobe Iz Teme (2012)

hardcore/punk from Slovenia
(more Aktivna Propaganda HERE)

Fourteen Or Fight & The Repos (2004)

hardcore from US

Fourteen Or Fight - Self Titled (2003)

hardcore/punk from US


Fourteen Or Fight - Demo 2002

hardcore/punk from US

Agathocles & Holidaysuckers (2013)

mincecore from Belgium + grind/noise from Indonesia
(more Agathocles HERE)

Agathocles & Gale (2013)

mincecore from Belgium + hardcore/grind from Ecuador
(more Agathocles HERE)

Agathocles & Vatican-City Syndrome (2013)

mincecore from Belgium + grindcore from Italy
(more Agathocles HERE)

Agathocles & Paucities (2012)

mincecore from Belgium + mincecore from USA
(more Agathocles HERE)

Accion Mutante - Decade of Decay-The Complete Discography (2005)

crust/grind from Germany