Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Agathocles & Jeffrey Dahmer (2013)

mincecore from Belgium + grindcore from Indonesia
(more Agathocles HERE)

Active Ingredients - Bringing Down the Big Boys (1985)

hardcore/punk from USA


Medusa's Hairdresser - Necrofuck (2020)

female fronted/hardcore/punk from USA

Medusa's Hairdresser - Self Titled (2019)

female fronted/hardcore/punk from USA

True - Shadow (2015)

this one have nothing in common with their other three records. Here is only one 9:80 min. progressive metal track. 

True - Symptoms (2013)

neocrust from Croatia

True - Still Life (2010)

neocrust from Croatia 

True - Serum (2006)

neocrust from Croatia mixed with the melody of Croatian national instrument