Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dystopian Reality - Self Titled (2019)

female fronted / all girls / grindcore from USA

Fluoride - Disentanglement (2019)

female fronted grindviolence from USA
(more Fluoride HERE)

Hideous Chaos - Open Door System (1990)

grindcore from Poland

Hideous Chaos - ...To Be Continued (1989)

If you're into old school grindcore (the 80's Napalm Death, Agathocles, Patareni) for sure you will like this guys. This is grindcore not what many of the new bands do this days. Just because a band play some heavy shits fast doesn't mean it's grindcore. Grindcore is a subgenre which comes from punk / hardcore not from metal. So if in your book Pig Destroyer play grindcore this band for sure it's not for you. 

Masochism - Plague of Warfare (2020)

raw punk / discrust from USA

Corteza - Self Titled (2018)

crust / d-beat from Santiago, Chile

Puro Odio - Demo'18 (2020)

blackened / raw punk / discrust from Spain

Cuero - Black Metal Skinheads (2019)

oi / punk from Spain

Plasma - Fear Itself (2020)

d-beat / hardcore / punk from Jacksonville, Florida

Affect - Fucked Reality (2020)

raw punk / noise / discrust from Sweden
(more Affect HERE)

Triage - Self Titled (2020)

grindcore from Texas
Current members of BLK OPS, Cognizant, PLF, and Cleric. Former members of Kill The Client