Monday, May 4, 2020

Spazz - Live at CBGB June 29,1997 (2020)

powerviolence from USA
(more Spazz HERE)
 Buy (HERE) this record for keep running El Puente.


  1. I'm all for downloading stuff from here but it's not great putting a link to download a very current charity compilation for free.

    1. I believe that if someone want to support El Puente will do it even if he/she can download/listen for free their stuff. When El Puente put their stuff on the net. they do kinda the same thing i do here, present, share and promote their stuff. Maybe i'm the bad one, here i share and present for others the bands i like and i'm pretty sure that if someone would like one of the band for sure will go to see them live and will buy their records,t-shirts,etc. Anyhow, for those who want to help i add a new link where they can support and help El Puente.
      And if i will receive a reply from the El Puente guys to delete their stuff from here, will be no problem. I'm not so bad or evil :)