Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Agathocles & Degenerhate (2016)

... this one deserve few words. I'm a big fan of Agathocles and i heard them mixing all kind of genres from punk/hardcore/d-beat to grindcore and death metal. If someone it's not familiarized with Agathocles, they start playing in '87 and because they did not fit in any genre they called their sound "mincecore"...  Why i like their sound? Pretty simple, they don't give a shit on trends like most of the bands in this days. They have the same attitude like before and have the same noisy and harsh sound. And even they are old, they still play fast and furious... On this split they outdid themselves and presents two blues rock tracks plus one mincecore track. And Degenerhate is a heavy grindcore band from Italy playing 6 tracks on this split.
(more Agathocles HERE)

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