Monday, April 15, 2019

SHOKI - Promo (2019)

female fronted punk / hardcore from Italy

Dep Bag - Put Me Out to Pasture (2018)

punk from Canada

bobXross - Death In The Slow Lane (2018)

fastcore / thrashcore from USA

All Beat Up - Around The Wound (2017)

punk from USA
(similar to Adelit@s)

All Beat Up - Why We Have To Die: Safeword Revisited (2017)

punk from USA
(similar to Adelit@s)

bobXross & All Beat Up (2018)

fastcore / thrashcore + hardcore / punk from USA

Lycanthrophy & Noisear (2019)

fuck yeaaahh!!!!! New Lycanthrophy split!! One of the most frantic, furious and fast band and one of my favorite grindviolence band from Czech + grindcore from USA. Awesome!!!
(more Lycanthrophy HERE)

Agathocles & Torture Incident (2007)

mincecore from Belgium + grindcore from Malaysia (awesome)
(more Agathocles HERE)
(more Torture Incident HERE)