Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Unholy Grave & Malignant Tumour (2001)

grindcore from Japan + grindcore / mincecore from Czech
(more Unholy Grave HERE)
(more Malignant Tumour HERE)

Unholy Grave & Logger Head (2000)

(more Unholy Grave HERE)

Unholy Grave & Trauma Acustico (1998)

grindcore from Japan + Brazil
(more Unholy Grave HERE)

No Comply & XbrainiaX (2003)

powerviolence from USA
(more No Comply HERE)
(more XbrainiaX HERE)

Napalm Death & S.O.B (1989)

grindcore from UK + Japan
(more Napalm Death HERE)
(more S.O.B HERE)

Scumheads - Demo (2014)

punk / hardcore from Ireland

Capitalist Casualties & Hellnation (2008)

fastcore + grindviolence from USA
(more Capitalist Casualties HERE)
(more Hellnation HERE)

Masher - The End Of Inequalities (1995)

grindcore chaos from Brazil (awesome)