Friday, March 15, 2019

Aspect - Demo (2019)

here is another awesome masterpiece.
Aspect are Zyanose members so you know what you can expect from this record. Great noisy raw punk chaos delivered from Japan

Zyanose - Chaosbender (2019)

Fuck yeahhhh !!!! This record made my day... Besides D-Clone, Disclose, Asocial Terror Fabrication, Stagnation, Ferocious X, Isterismo, etc... Zyanose is one of my favorite noise / raw punk band from Japan.
Give a try for this dudes if your ears are not too fragile.
(more Zyanose HERE)

Maldita - Aca No Hay Justicia (2018)

female fronted hardcore punk band with Spanish lyrics from Canada

Death Evocation - EP (2011)

female fronted hardcore / thrash from USA

Deformity - Demo 2013

punk / hardcore from USA

Deformity - Self Titled (2011)

punk / hardcore from USA

Deformity - 3rd Demo (2010)

punk / hardcore from USA

Deformity - 2nd Demo (2010)

punk / hardcore from USA

Unholy Grave - Ethnocide (2001)

grindcore from Japan
(more Unholy Grave HERE)

Carcass Grinder & Violent Headache (1997)

grindcore from Japan + Spain
(more Carcass Grinder HERE)