Wednesday, February 27, 2019

VA - We Don't Need Society D.R.I. Tribute (2002)

hardcore / thrashcore 

SubHumAns - The Day The Country Died (1982)

punk from UK

Controller - Self Titled (2019)

female fronted crust / punk from USA

Atrament - Scum Sect (2018)

blackened crust / d-beat from USA 

Archagathus & Camphora Monobromata & Nauseate (2018)

mincecore / grindcore from Canada + Russia + India
(more Archagathus HERE)
(more Camphora Monobromata HERE)

Dead Issue & Raw Noise Apes (2016)

grindcore from USA + Greece

Agathocles & Camphora Monobromata (2013)

mincecore / grindcore from Belgium + Russia
(more Agathocles HERE) (more Camphora Monobromata HERE)

Krupskaya - Dawn of Shattered Silence (2018)

... here's come the chaos!!! fuck yeeeeeahhh!!! After 11 years Krupskaya come with a new full record. I saw this guys live few years ago and they are fucking awesome. No bullshit and trendy crap, they play frantic grindcore, fast and furious like grindcore must to be. Awesome band from UK.
(more Krupskaya HERE)

Endless Swarm - Imprisoned in Skin (2019)

powerviolence / grindcore from Scotland
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