Friday, February 1, 2019

Sesso Violento - Vicious (2017)

punk / hardcore from Italy


  1. bit of a different request... but can you find Shed Dwellaz ‎– "Redwood City's Most Hated" EP at all? It's hip-hop by Dan from Spazz and Kindred from Plutocracy/No Less/Agents Of Satan. You don't need to post it on here if it doesn't fit the blog. I'm just looking for a link.

    1. Hey Ben, I found only "4 Track Archives Vol.1 ('96-'99 comp.) ", "Back 2 The Shed Mixtape Demo Vol.666 ('07-'08 comp.)" and "Children of the Woods"
      You have this 3 ?

    2. yeah, I'd found them on bandcamp. Was hoping you might be able to find a rip of the EP though as it was only a 12". No worries, cheers for looking.