Monday, January 7, 2019

VA - Speed Freaks 2 (1996)

powerviolence / grindcore compilation


  1. Hey, Dreamer! Tender boy! Extreme playboy! Aggressive farmer in the future!.....WTF?!?!?!?....Holy shit!!! You are Tina Torture?!?!?!?....Wow!!! Unbelievable!!!!...then I knew you very well before I post my crappy comments on your blog entry...because I had got "VA - NO FUCKING DIVAS (Songs For Drunks And Drug Addicts)" for Vulgar Disease and Bagman a few years ago, and had been listening to it so many times!!!!! What an accidental meeting!!! I cannot believe in myself now, hehehehe!

    Yup, unfortunately some noise artists act like hipster, BUT noise is just noise, noise not music, nothing more, nothing less, we know :)

    Thanks for "everything is over $100" link, hehehe, and yeees, yeees, yeees, I like Vulgar Disease so much :) His sound is really brutal and violent!!! It can blow my head off easily like Whitehouse and Ramleh ;))))

    Talking about Tina Torture, 'Tina Torture / DMAH "Split CDr"' link was dead, the others are fine :) And now, I downloaded them, just watching your videos for the first time...heeeeey, you TRUELY know "noise manner" for "treating of female" in harsh noise, I love them so much, hehehehehehehehehehe!!!! I will listen to your other releases from now on :)))
    Thank you very much for everything, Mr. Tina Torture, you are soooo talented!!!

    1. he,he,heh ... Mr. Geräusch Beerdigung thank you for your kind words : )
      Tina Torture was only some kind of experiment project when I discovered harsh noise genere. Was fun and I meet few nice guys and cyber friends :)
      About "VA - NO FUCKING DIVAS" if I remember well was the Vulgar Disease guy and Bagman guy project to made that compilation. They ask all their friends if they want to participate and than get in touch with the guy who manage "Torn Flash recs."

      By the way Whitehouse sound awesome. I also like their sounds