Saturday, January 5, 2019

Murderer - Demo (2013)

hardcore / punk from New York


  1. Yeah, that's me, you know about myself very well, hehehe, just kidding :) Anyway, I'm also so glad talk with you about noise too, honestly I have no 'noise' friend can talk with.

    Frenetic noise, that's right :) Also he is EARDRUM DESTROYER!!! :)))
    Masonna's ''Exploring Self-Corrosive Noise With Coquette'' is in wooden boxes, limited only 99 copies (of course, sold out VERY FAST) could I get it? I didn't even know it was released on Feb. 2018 LOL

    My (today's) best about Government Alpha is this,
    This is "Live recordings" at UFO Club 26th July 1997, and split with Skin Crime.
    Maybe you can feel much more britality, and can get excite (just like Disc 3 of 記憶の解像度 Resolution of Remembrance 1992-1999) than his studio releases.
    記憶 (Kioku) → Remembrance
    の (no) → of
    解像度 (Kaizoudo) → Resolution

    Aaaand I don't like Skin Crime, and never was a fan. Because sometimes Skin Crime reminds me of Vomir from france. Though Vomir is the one of the pioners of 'harsh noise wall' music in 2000's, his every single release & every single song are the fucking same!!!
    You know what I mean?
    I mean there's NO difference in his ALL releases, everything is the SAME!!! Can you believe that? LOOOOL
    Okay, try this a little bit,
    You don't have, MUST NOT listen to this all, nothing happens in 53:41...hehehe
    Anyway, I guess Vomir is the most overrated artist in noise history ever LOOOOL

    1. he,he,heh... Vomir.... Yeap.
      I think I share a split with Vomir years ago when like you, I was a pretty boy or some kind of sex symbol (ha,ha,hah....I 'm jocking) and play a kind of harsh noise / power electronix / industrial mix.
      From France I also know a guy who has or still have a UG label and play in Ecoute La Merde:
      About overrated, hummm... are lots of projects and bands overrated in my opinion, maybe because they are very active and people can see and listen them every weekend in different places playing. And you know, if you hear the same shit to much you get used to that shit and that shit become a hit or the greatest hit , he,he,heh ...

      Thanx for the Government Alpha. This one I not listened yet.

  2. can you post any/all of Laceration's 7" please?

    1. Hey Ben, I have only their splits with Avulsion, Bad Acid Trip and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. I can't find anywhere the other two splits with Facade Burned Black and The K. Shipley.
      But thanks for remind me about Laceration, I will give a try again and maybe now someone will share the other two splits somewhere on the net.
      Go here :

    2. Thanks! That sucks that you can't find the other two. I have a vinyl copy of the K. Shipley split but no way of ripping it unfortunately. Been loving Avulsion too. All of their stuff is on their bandcamp

    3. Yeap, I also like Avulsion too. I'm not really into the new grindcore bands, or the ways the grindcore change in times but the old school grindcore bands are always welcome in my headphones :)

      I'm looking today for the other two Laceration's splits but no luck. But you are lucky, you have one on vinyl :)

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