Monday, January 7, 2019

Georgia O'Queef - Self Titled (2015)

fastcore / powerviolence / grindcore from Chicago, Illinois


  1. Yeah, I know you are a still something like a sex symbol and a natural-born international playboy, hehehehehehe!!!

    Thanks for the link, Ecoute La Merde is good, and his picture on Discogs is sooooo nice :))))

    And you are right, too many projects and too many releases, so we cannot follow all of them, and only have a short time, hmmm.
    Also, maybe Vomir from France is for celebrity scumbags that say ''Noise!! This is the latest fashion!!!'', I don't wanna know and care about what celebrity is doing and saying, so that's why I cannot understand Vomir, hehehehehe!!!!

    Anyway, noise/industrial culture that the artist have been sleeping on the stage or floor til the end of the show after just only 'click' and press enter key on the laptop is not for me :) I wanna feel a kind of creativity from the artist.

    See ya & Beer!!

    1. ha,ha,hah ... yeap, I'm kind a natural-born international sex symbol, playboy, broadway super star and bla,bla,blah .... you know , nobody can be perfect ))))))))

      he,he,heh .... I did not know that noise is the new fasion this days.

      I'm also into extreme harsh noise sounds like you I also wanna feel a kind of creativity from the artist :)
      Maybe you will like this :
      I find him pretty original and back in the days I share few splits cd's with him .... If you are curios take a look here :
      This was my noise project, you can find few download links also, but I not know if the links are still work.