Sunday, January 20, 2019

Bloody Phoenix - War, Hate & Misery (2007)

grindcore from USA


  1. Thanks! wasn't sure if you'd see a comment on older posts or not.
    I'm also looking for a link for OSK - "We Will Never Change"

    1. well, well, you made my day. I never heard about OSK, they play fucking awesome.
      go here :

  2. by the way if you would like to give a try for some other great Canadian powervioence bands you can try Detroit (they 're my favorite PV from Canada), Gummers, Whitemouse, Throat Hash, Throat Slitter, Waste Away, The Endless Blockade, Mediated Form, Obacha, Take One For The Team are few bands that came in my mind right now.
    Maybe you know some of this bands, if not you can find them here somewhere. You know, use the -search- button

  3. Osk are ace. One of the guys plays bass in Mass Grave too. I played with them a couple of years ago. Great guys. I've heard of a few of those bands but I'll check out the others. Thanks for the recommendations.