Thursday, October 18, 2018

Aspects of War - A Look Into The Nightmare (2017)

raw punk-noise, d-beat from USA

The Friday - Our Body Made In Fukushima (2013)

all girls, hardcore-punk from Japan

The Friday - Self Titled (2012)

all girls, hardcore-punk from Japan

Youth Surge - Self Titled

fastcore-powerviolence from USA

Defnausea - Voodoo Machiavellism (2017)

grindcore from Japan

Patisserie - Victorial Austrology (2018)

grind-death from Japan

Patisserie - Pathorgenal Forensology EP (2006)

grind-death from Japan

Swarrrm - Beginning To Break (2018)

I was really excited when I found this and when I put it in my player I was a little disappointed... Was not exactly what I expected from Swarrrm. I'm a big fan of Swarrrm, they have their unique sound and they mix the chaos with melodious parts as no other band does. This new record it's not like "Against Again" or "Black Bong"  but is not bad 

SPM - Self Titled (2015)

SPM = Sucide Pact Music
powerviolence from USA

Scalped - Chief Little Turtle (2011)

hardcore-powerviolence from USA

Thrak - Self Titled (2007)

powerviolence from USA

Open Sores - Self Titled (2013)

powerviolence from USA

Penetrate - Demo (2012)

powerviolence from USA

Young And Dangerous - Dangerous Youth And The Life Saving Thrash Punk Tunes (2007)

fastcore-thrashcore from Malaysia