Saturday, September 29, 2018

Total Silence - Noise Punk Bombardment (2017)

d-beat from Brazil

Total Silence - War Graves (2013)

d-beat from Brazil

Sombrio - Cortejo Funebre (2018)

hardcore-thrash-crust from Brazil

Disturbio Clandestino - Represion (1989)

punk-hadcore from Mexico

Disterror - Total Mayhem (2012)

discrust from Mexico

Geracoes Perdidas - Motivos Para Resistir (2017)

hardcore from Brazil

Geracoes Perdidas - Self Titled (2012)

hardcore from Brazil

Eyesore - Trade Fates (2017)

powerviolence from USA

Eyesore - Vague Expressions (2015)

powerviolence from USA

Eyesore - Demo (2015)

powerviolence from USA

Disparo! - Beers, Broads & Power Chords (2012)

fastcore from Australia

Apara - Self titled (2017)

d-beat, raw punk-noise from Mexico

Disphoria - Killed By Noise Attack (2018)

d-beat, raw punk-noise from Victoria, British Columbia

Dishope - Peace Is More Than The Lack Of War (2014)

d-beat, raw punk-noise from Germany

Dishumanizar - Maqueta (2016)

d-beat from Chile

Dislodge - Warriors Of The Wasteland (2014)

female/male, two vocals, discrust from UK
Formed as a drunken side project by some members of Auralskit after their guitarist was injured and they had to keep using their rehearsal space

Dishell - Barricades (2017)

d-beat from Poland

Klitores Kaos - Self Titled (2017)

all girls, punk-hardcore from Brazil

Raw Meat - Demo 2012

hardcore-punk from USA

Burnout - EP (2016)

powerviolence from USA