Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Despise You & Completed Exposition (2016)

fastcore-powerviolence from USA and Japan

En Negacion & Family Vacation (2017)

powerviolence from Argentina and USA

Devastar & Moncho Cabrera (2011)

powerviolence from Chile

Family Vacation - Hella Fucking Sidewayz (2015)

powerviolence from USA

Family Vacation - Self Titled (2014)

powerviolence from USA

Patareni - Back To The Roots (1996)

Tons of tracks, lots of them by sideproject Buka, however played by Patareni members. Funny thing is that last 2 tracks (B13 and B14) are included in tracklist but are not on vinyl, for whatever reasons. 

Patareni - Ukor Pred Iskljucenje (1994)

grind-punk from Zagreb, Croatia

Skitkids - Besoket Vid Krubban (2008)

crust'n'roll from Sweden

Skitkids - Onna For Pleasure EP (2004)

crust'n'roll from Sweden

Skitkids - Skitfucked By The State EP (2002)

crust'n'roll from Sweden

Lai - Demo (2018)

female fronted discrust from Australia

Caskar - Demo (2018)

female fronted acoustic crust-punk with cello from Munich, Germany (awesome masterpiece)

Sic Semper Tyrannis - Caterva (2018)

crust, d-beat from Chile

ACxDC & Goolagoon (2017)

fastcore-powerviolence + powerviolence from USA 


powerviolence from USA and Australia

Chevin & Huffin' Paint (2013)

powerviolence from Germany + fastcore from UK

ACxDC & Disparo! (2016)

fastcore-powerviolence from USA and Australia

ACxDC & Chiens (2016)

powerviolence from USA and France

CANCERxPATIENT & Frame 313 (2013)

powerviolence from USA + powerviolence duo from Australia

CANCERxPATIENT & Sordo (2012)

powerviolence from USA 

Chest Pain & Naw Dude (2009)

fastcore-powerviolence from USA

CANCERxPATIENT & Skuff (2013)

powerviolence from USA and Canada