Friday, September 7, 2018

Disclose & World Burns to Death (2004)

d-beat from Japan + crust-punk-hardcore from USA

Disclose & Framtid (2004)

d-beat + discrust from Japan

Disclose & Besthoven (2004)

d-beat from Japan and Brazil

Disclose & Cluster Bomb Unit (1995)

d-beat from Japan + crust-punk from Germany

Disclose & Hellkrusher (1994)

d-beat from Japan + thrash-crust-punk from UK

Disclose & No Fucker ''Noise Not Music'' (2004)

d-beat from Japan and USA

Disclose & No Fucker (2004)

d-beat from Japan and USA

Disclose & G.A.T.E.S (2007)

d-beat + punk from Japan

Hurana - Self Titled (2018)

female fronted punk-hardcore from Mexico
for fans of: La Misma , Tortura Exotica

Dispose & Chaotic Disorder (2009)

d-beat + punk-hardcore from Sweden

Insane Youth & Disclose (1993)

d-beat from Japan

Selfish & Disclose (1994)

d-beat from Finland and Japan

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Infanticide - Misconception Of Hope (2013)

grindcore from Sweden

Infanticide - From Our Cold Dead Hands (2010)

grindcore from Sweden

Archagathus - Cold Universe (2017)

mincecore from Canada

Endon - Through the Mirror (2017)

In addition to a conventional band formation of vocal, guitars, and drums, there are two additional electronics performers, allowing them to create harsh, distinctive sounds in various chaotic mix of styles ranging from noise, hard core, black metal, industrial, to grind core. Great masterpiece

Endon + Boris - Eros (2015)

sludge-noise-metal mix from Japan (Boris and Endon collaboration)

Endon - Mama (2014)

The first time I listened Endon they reminded me of Swarrrm, another awesome and unique band from Japan. Both bands have their own sound, moving from raw noisy and chaotic parts to melodious parts then hit your ears with some angry black metal or furious death metal parts.... 
The difference between the two bands is that Endon are more into black metal-noise-experimental mix while Swarrrm are more into death-grind-noise-experimental sounds.

Disthory - Perfidia y Obito (2012)

blackened crust from Chile

Tragedy - Fury (2018)

crust-punk from USA

Distress - Progress-Regress (2006)

d-beat from Russia

Distress - Fuck the System / Propaganda (The Sea Of Blood) (2004

d-beat from Russia

Dissekerad - Self Titled (2013)

d-beat from Sweden

Endless Swarm & Lugubrious Children (2016)

powerviolence-grindcore from Scotland + fastcore-powerviolence from UK

Endless Swarm & Brainshit (2015)

powerviolence-grindcore from Scotland + grindviolence from UK

Endless Swarm & Pavel Chekov (2015)

powerviolence-grindcore from Scotland + powerviolence from USA 

David Carradine & Karak (2010)

powerviolence from USA and Hungary (live tracks)

David Carradine & Ah-!!! (2012)

powerviolence from USA and Indoensia

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Despise You & Completed Exposition (2016)

fastcore-powerviolence from USA and Japan

En Negacion & Family Vacation (2017)

powerviolence from Argentina and USA

Devastar & Moncho Cabrera (2011)

powerviolence from Chile

Family Vacation - Hella Fucking Sidewayz (2015)

powerviolence from USA

Family Vacation - Self Titled (2014)

powerviolence from USA

Patareni - Back To The Roots (1996)

Tons of tracks, lots of them by sideproject Buka, however played by Patareni members. Funny thing is that last 2 tracks (B13 and B14) are included in tracklist but are not on vinyl, for whatever reasons. 

Patareni - Ukor Pred Iskljucenje (1994)

grind-punk from Zagreb, Croatia

Skitkids - Besoket Vid Krubban (2008)

crust'n'roll from Sweden

Skitkids - Onna For Pleasure EP (2004)

crust'n'roll from Sweden

Skitkids - Skitfucked By The State EP (2002)

crust'n'roll from Sweden

Lai - Demo (2018)

female fronted discrust from Australia

Caskar - Demo (2018)

female fronted acoustic crust-punk with cello from Munich, Germany (awesome masterpiece)

Sic Semper Tyrannis - Caterva (2018)

crust, d-beat from Chile

ACxDC & Goolagoon (2017)

fastcore-powerviolence + powerviolence from USA 


powerviolence from USA and Australia

Chevin & Huffin' Paint (2013)

powerviolence from Germany + fastcore from UK