Monday, August 6, 2018

Persevere - Tragic End EP (2009)

hardcore-punk from Hiroshima, Japan

Persevere - Sex Tracks EP (2005)

hardcore-punk from Hiroshima, Japan

Persevere - Panic Land EP (2003)

hardcore-punk from Hiroshima, Japan

Persevere - Irrationality (2001)

hardcore-punk from Hiroshima, Japan

Total Fury - 13 Song (2000)

hardcore from Japan

Total Fury - Spring Thrash EP (1997)

hardcore from Japan

Wart - Tono-Core '06 (The Sound Of ''Tonostudani-Hardcore'') (2006)

punk-hardcore from Japan

Sic - ...Vintage Shit When John Was Singing EP (1992)

fast hardcore-punk from Japan

Sic - Get Up And Do It EP (1989)

fast hardcore-punk from Japan

Sheeva Yoga & Sterbeihilfe (2002)

fastcore-powerviolence from Czech and grindcore from Germany

Wasteoid - Total Pukeoid (2001)

grindcore from USA

Agathocles - Full On in Nippon LP (2011)

mincecore from Belgium

Agathocles - Hunt Hunters EP (2009)

mincecore from Belgium

Agathocles - Minced in Piracicaba Brazil '07

mincecore from Belgium

Agathocles & Maximum Thrash (2012)

mincecore from Belgium and thrashcore from Indonesia

Agathocles & Renounce Authority (2012)

mincecore from Belgium and grindcore from Germany

Agathocles & Cu Sujo (2008)

mincecore from Belgium and fastcore violence from Brazil

Agathocles & Urban Strugle (2002)

mincecore from Belgium + hardcore-punk from France 

xKatexMoshx & FxAxSxTx (2014)

fastcore from Italy and Hungary

Crippled Fox & GxFxTx (2011)

thrashcore from Hungary + fast hardcore-punk from Lithuania

Crippled Fox & Lei Do Cao (2011)

thrashcore, fastcore from Hungary and Brazil

Crippled Fox & Bob Rooney (2011)

thrashcore, fastcore from Hungary and Germany

Max Ward & the Scrotums (2007)

powerviolence from USA

Yacopsae & To The Point - (2012)

grindviolence from Germany and USA

Yacopsae & Bizarre X (1999)

grindviolence from Germany

Stop Animal Experiments

I made this blog to share with you the music (noises) that I like but sometimes I find some facts that makes me want to break somebody's teeth into pieces... However I'm not vegan neither straight edge and I'm not the best or the perfect person on the planet but for sure I'm against animals abuse, vivisection, hunting and killing for fun, bulls fight (yeap, fuck your Corrida!!!! Breeding bulls to kill them for entertainment it's not fun).
Today I found in my e-mail box two messages which I would like to share with you.
Maybe you're a good punk and you'll take action.

Drugs, Near Drowning, and Electric Shocks in 'Child Abuse' Experiments
The University of Delaware's Tania Roth claims that she studies child abuse. But her experiments are all about making rats suffer. She's forced alcohol down the throats of newborn ones. She's stuffed pregnant females into tiny restraint tubes and blasted them with strobe lights. She's purposely terrified rats by repeatedly shocking their feet, and she's taken newborns away from their mothers and given them to other rats who are unable to care for them.
Roth has been tormenting animals at taxpayer expense for nearly two decades. She's received more than $1.8 million in public funding. What is there to show for it? Published papers with glaring omissions about the treatment of these doomed animals, no apparent benefits for human children who are abused … and a mountain of animal bodies.....

Stop the Torturous Use of Animals in Experiments
Brexit is rapidly approaching, but the UK still hasn't adopted the EU's goal of eliminating animal testing. 
Over 90 per cent of drug trials in humans fail, even though the drugs have already passed experiments on animals. The problem is that the differences between species are so vast that results in animals are, at best, a very poor approximation of what will happen in humans or, at worst, dangerously misleading. A paradigm shift away from all studies using animals is needed. The government must create a clear strategy and timeline for replacing animals used in experiments. With greater investment in animal-free science and bold policy initiatives, far more promising cures and treatments for humans as well as more effective and reliable methods for toxicity assessment can be developed.

Finally – and crucially – committing to this goal would also help put an end to the torture and suffering of millions of animals. It's time for the UK to commit to completely replacing all experiments on animals.

Jabara - Japanese Title (2011)

hardcore-punk-thrash from Japan

Jabara - ...And Now And... EP (2006)

hardcore-punk-thrash from Japan

Jabara - Greatest Demo (2004)

hardcore-punk-thrash from Japan

Jabara - Why We Wish (2000)

hardcore-punk-thrash from Japan

Agents Of Satan - The Old Testament (discography)

hardcore-grind from USA

The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last EP (2005)

hardcore-mathcore-noise-electronics from San Diego, California
(similar to Holy Molar  and Melt Banana)

One Yah One - Japanese Title (2003)

hardcore-punk from Japan

Thrashington D.C - Let Your Body Talk (2009)

punk-fastcore from France 

Thrashington D.C - To Live And Die In B.M.O. (2007)

punk-fastcore from France 

The Endless Blockade - Final Tape (2011)

powerviolence from Canada

Phonophobia - .....Of The People? By The People? For The People? (2002)

female fronted crust-grind from Japan