Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Systemik Violence - Anarquia-Violencia (2018)

raw punk, d-beat from Lisbon, Portugal 

L.U.L.U - We're About to Throw Up! (2017)

hardcore, fastcore from Milan, Italy

Discarga - Musica pra Guerra (2008)

fastcore, powerviolence from Brazil

Discarga - Sem Remorso (2003)

fastcore, powerviolence from Brazil

Discarga - Que Venha Abaixo EP (2003)

fastcore, powerviolence from Brazil

Discarga Violenta - Cosmopolita (1991)

punk-grind from Brazil

Discarga Violenta - Dada (1993)

punk-grind from Brazil

Rehusar - Demo (2014)

female fronted punk-hardcore from Chile

Tanax - Robohormigas EP (2014)

d-beat, raw punk-hardcore from Chile

Farsa - Demo (2011)

hardcore-punk from Chile

K.R.H - Un Nuevo Metodo (2005)

K.R.H = Kruel Realidad Humana
raw punk, crust from Colombia

Back Off!! - This Is It - The Final Recordings (2014)

fast hardcore from Hungary

Back Off!! - Demo (2013)

fast hardcore from Hungary

Shortcut - Demo (2010)

punk-hardcore from Hungary

Gross X Out - Hardcore Hates You (2014)

hardcore from Hungary

Gross X Out - Demo (2014)

hardcore from Hungary

Entre Rejas - Self Titled (2006)

fastcore, powerviolence from Brazil

Capitalixo - Demo (2005)

thrashcore from Brazil

Rovnou Chodbou - Demo (2003)

great raw punk-hardcore from Slovakia

Argue Damnation - Re-Cycle Old Pure Hardcore Punk Scum 1994-2003

great punk-hardcore from Japan

VA - Chaos Of Destruction 2 (2000)

crust, d-beat bands

VA - No Hesitation To Resist (1998)

punk-hardcore, crust, d-beat bands from Japan

VA - A World Divided By Powertrips And Bullshit Politics, Can't We All Just Get Along ! (2009)

hardcore-punk, fastcore, thrashcore, powerviolence bands

Shitstormtrooper - Demo (2017)

female fronted fastcore, powerviolence from Houston, Texas

Septic Rot - Cult of Grief (2017)

female fronted fastcore, grind from New York

Gouge Away - Dies (2016)

female fronted fastcore from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dislike - End The World (Demo 2018)

punk-hardcore, ska from Germany

The Disliked - Cheap Sex and Canadian Booze (2006)

female fronted punk

VA - Speed Kills... A.K.A. Pasta Power Violence II (1999)

fast hardcore-punk, powerviolence, grindcore bands 

VA - Deadly Encounters Vol. I (1997)

hardcore, fastcore, powerviolence, grindcore bands

VA - Fiesta Comes Alive! (1997)

hardcore-punk, powerviolence, grindcore bands

VA - Noise Against The Machine (1995)

grindcore, noisecore bands