Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Misery Vortex - Down Below (2018)

crust, grind from Germany

Diekvar - EP (2017)

powerviolence from Israel, 
Now this is something special, at least for me. I heard all kind of lyrics, english, spanish, japanese, france, russian and so on, but I never has the opportunity to hear a band screaming hebrew lyrics, and I must to say that all the package sounds fucking awesome.

Boston Curtis - Demo (2017)

female fronted hardcore, punk from Germany

Vagra - Last Breath (2018)

d-beat from Gainesville, Florida

Fastidio - Self Titled (2018)

female fronted d-beat, punk from Mexico.

Fastidio - Lista Negra (2016)

female fronted d-beat, punk from Mexico

Errantes - Civilizacion Podrida EP (2017)

d-beat from Ecuador

Fanaticos Bastardos - Besa La Mano De Tu Verdugo (2007)

crustgrind from Mexico

Domesticrust - Another Reality Another Fears (2018)

d-beat, crust from Bandung, Indonesia

1984 - Dystopia (2018)

blackened crust from Indonesia

Obat Bius - Kontaminasi (2016)

blackened crust, hardcore from Indonesia

Dunce - Imbecile EP (2018)

powerviolence from California, not the same Dunce from Boise, Idaho

Dunce - Self Titled (2013)

powerviolence from Boise, Idaho