Thursday, December 20, 2018

VA - Nostrovia Aleksey (2016)

This is one deserve a few lines . . . is one of the best compilation I received and I listened this year. If you are into fast hardcore, thrashcore and powerviolence bands, for sure this one is for you. You will find here all the best underground bands from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia. 42 bands and 42 tracks.


  1. Where did you find this compilation?)

    1. This one I received from one of my friend. I don't know where he find this compilation. Maybe on soulseek . . .

    2. This compilation I did.The cover and title invented OSMX4(user from soulseek)Thank you very much that posted it on his blog.I hope you liked the compilation)

    3. OSMX4 = Old School Mike, right? :)
      He have a great collection of mp3s.
      Hummm, you made more comps, or just this one?
      "Nostrovia Aleksey" is killer. One of my favorite compilaion and i also like the cover :)
      Few years ago I also run a small UG label and made a comp. called "No Superstar Attitudes", you can find it here, maybe you will like it :)

    4. OSMX4 Long time no seen on Soulseek(This is my only compilation.About this compilation of few people know.Even on my Ukraine, no one knows about it compilation."No Superstar Attitudes"-Very cool compilation)I really like)

    5. You' re from Ukraine? We are neighbors :)
      I'm from Romania.
      By the way, before I listened this comp, I knew only one band from Ukraine, Fizzy Bubblech, they also play awesome, fast and frantic :)

    6. i don't even know this band:)From Romania I know bands Livia Sura,Void Forger,Pavilionul 32,Critica Radicala)

    7. If you're curious you can find it here somewhere, use the search button (up and right).
      oh yeah, Pavilionul 32 is awesome. One of my favorite band. I saw them live few times, they sound great and more furious than on the records..

  2. Hello, I can't download this one.It's possible to have it via