Monday, December 24, 2018

Slund - A Very Slundy Christmas (2018)

grindcore from Slovenia
Merry Christmas !!!!!


  1. Oh yeah! Hammered fuckin' holiday or Hammer smashed holiday, hehehehe!

    1. Seneng Taun Anyar !!!
      Hope you have fun this days.
      Cheers and beers :)

    2. ꧋ꦧꦱꦗꦮ? Why Javanese? You went on a trip to Indonesia??? So funny :))
      Anyway, gott nytt år, and happy new beer!!!!

    3. he,he,heh ... nope, no Indonesia. It was just the mistake of pressing buttons :)
      Hangover + hurry is not a wonderful combination. I used google translate and I think I press the wrong buttons :)

    4. I thought so too lol Talking about 'spelling', Ja'v'anese is very similar to Ja'p'anese LOOOL
      You have been getting drunk in these days?? Don't drink too much, okay? :) I don't drink hard Vodka, whisky, because I know I will be dead soon if I could drink hard liquor as I drink tons of BEER IS MY GOD LOL

    5. Ja'v'anese / Ja'p'anese, definitely this is what it was and of course my negligence :)
      I celebrated quite a lot and often the past days, he,he,heh... But I also do it only with beers. Liquor, Vodka, whisky are too hardcore for my taste :)
      Years ago I drank all that shits if it was a good atmosphere and friends... but now I like when I wake up to be able at least to stand up and swing me slowly to the fridge and cool me down with a glass of cold coca cola :)
      You ? What did you do for the holidays ?

  2. Merry (late) christmas!
    can you post some Voorhees??

    1. forget that, I found a post with their entire discography here:

    2. Hey Ben, Happy New Year !
      I'm glad you find Voorhees.
      I was in a short trip this past days and I take a short break from the net. This is why I was absent :)