Monday, November 26, 2018

Suss Law - EP (2016)

raw punk noise from USA


    Ah, there's no any tricks, Dreamer, I just read and saw some old entries of, just found their demo by chance, just listened to them on YouTube, just thought "WTF?! Dreamer may like this!!", so just let you know, that's all...hehehehehe :)

    Maybe it's hard to find Suss Law 2018 LP on the net, because it exists only 250 copies, right?

    1. I think you are right, but maybe some day some punk will upload somewhere the 2018 LP and will make us a nice surprise, he, he, heh... After all underground is about share music, go to concerts and have fun. It's not about gold digging and smart ass superstar attitude.

    2. Hope so sincerely :) Anyway, I have never seen the shop that sells Suss Law 2018 LP here in Japan :V
      Oh yeah, I agree with you, underground never has to be mainstream, no need the person that has superstar attitude ;) They are absolutely assholes and scumbags, hehehe, so I wanna go back to "cassette tape trading" world/culture in 80's, if possible :) Everybody wrote a letter to the member of band directly for getting some info/demo/compilation/shirts, etc, all over the world :) Of course, when somebody got something from the band, everybody did share them, what a fantastic!

    3. yeah... Great times. I remember that feeling when I wait excited few weeks for receive a package with tapes, flayers, fanzines... But now the net fucked up that excitement. Now you can listen or watch instantly just about anything you want. I don't know if it's good or bad. In a way it's good, because you have any information at your disposal instantly. And with music, it's much easier to know what's happening all over the world.
      In some places it does not exist metal or punk records shop, and in stores you can choose just what's there, on the net the whole world is at your disposal. In my opinion thats a great thing.
      And though I still keep my tapes collection in few shoes boxes I admit that for a few years ago I just listen mp3s... I think it's pretty sad to hang in the past or be some kind of vinyl snob and buy just vinyls... After all are so many awesome bands all over the world and it's stupid to not listen their stuff just because they not have a vinyl record..... I have known some characters with such a superior vintage smart ass attitude :)

    4. Hahahaha, when has vinyl been furniture? I know what you mean, also die-hard listener/audience at the show is different from collector/YouTube live watcher, of course YouTube is useful sometimes if we want to listen to unknown bands, vintage music, out of print vinyls, some shows that we cannot go, but that's all.
      However, tapes/vinyls/T-shirts that we own phisically are disposable in good and bad ways, it's so sad...
      In my opinion, basically I don't like "Digital-only bands", I know mp3/FLAC/WAV are very useful, but nothing remains if we lost PC or such things.
      For example, original vinyl of The Stalin "Trash" was being sold for...about 1,082.98 RON/263.95 USD/232.65 EUR when I was a pretty wonderful beautiful kid, so nobody knew how The Stalin "Trash" is around me LOOOL But now, we can listen to it easily, so I guess Net gave us useful thing in exchange for timeless/priceless excitement...

    5. ha,ha,hah ... when you was a pretty wonderful beautiful kid ... so now you're old and not so wonderful and beautiful ? ha,ha,hah...
      Well you see, without the net, maybe I would never know about The Stalin and the other awesome punks and noise / punks bands from Japan. I never has the oportunity to saw anywhere any kind of Japanese bands records for sale, neither on concerts, neither in stores...
      But you're right phisically releases are not the same like the digital copies. And also noting can be compared with the life concerts atmosphere

    6. I don't know how beautiful I am now, you decide it, but everybody says I'm wonderful, and I think I'm wonderful (The Damned song) hahahaha!

      Yes, you're right, and that's true, so that's why the most important thing is "how to use the net" :) Almost all the people couldn't know clearly how overseas underground music scene/culture/people is, in the era of "net doesn't exist yet" :) It's the same here, Pretty good wonderful boy never had the opportunity to meet Dreaming boy, if this net didn't exist :)

    7. If everybody says that you're wonderful and you think the same, I believe you. You must be wonderful, ha,ha, hah ...
      Maybe next year when I will go in trip in Japan I will see you live how wonderful you're :)

    8. Duh!...but please don't believe me...hehehehehehehehehe!!!

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