Sunday, October 7, 2018

Yellow Machinegun - Father's Golden Fish (1996)

all girls, hardcore from Japan


  1. fuck adfly.... why? it´s full of spam. even when the arrow touches any part of your blogspot. bollocks start to pop out. is your YELLOW MACHINEGUN mp3 in 320kbps at least? if so, could you please send me the exact link for the download? cheers.

    1.'s not 320kbps.
      I've been monitoring/clicking that skip button for two years now and I've never once got a virus. Most likely you only will have a few tracking cookies or other spyware which can be removed by simply clearing your cache. And those cookies or spywares you can have them from any site and blogs you visit, not just from Adf.Ly. So Adf.Ly it's not the end of the world, it just help me to drink few free beers for free while i share here with others, still for free, the bands and the music i like.
      And are so many other blogs where everyone can find what they like...So if someone not like to wait few seconds to download something from here, he is free to go and download from other blogs :)