Thursday, October 11, 2018

Lycanthrophy & Chikara (2018)

Hell yeeeeah !!!! NEW Lycanthrophy split !!! One of my favorite grindcore-powerviolence band... and Chikara play a mix of crust-hardcore-grind-punk. It's a project with members from Bosnia, Sweden, Italy and Slovenia. Great split


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  2. Cool split :) They make me feel like... an avalanche? lol
    Chikara in Japanese means "power", "force", "energy", "might", "strength" something like that in English.

    What I like or dislike about music, it probably depends on my mood as you say :)
    Though sometimes I try to listen to harsh noize while I'm sleeping LOL

    About Angel'in Heavy Syrup, if you like to listen to psychedelic music/rock & LSD/Acid things (lol), you will like them :)
    Well, when I recommend you something, just did the same thing like you :) You are ALWAYS letting me know about old & new great bands from your blog entry ;) Much appreciated :)))))

    Yeeees, Flying Testicle is cool :) Though Maso Yamazaki (Massonna) was been under the weather for long time because of his action/dance (lol) at Masonna's show, recently he came back in safe :)
    Masami Akita (Merzbow) has been growing vegetables on his land, maybe you never know LOL

    My TOP 3 noise act in Japan :)))
    1. Masonna
    2. Incapacitants
    3. 非常階段 (Hijōkaidan)

    1. Hey, thanks for the info about what does it mean Chikara.

      I'm not really into psychedelic music/rock, but I'm open minded and I give a chance for any generes and any bands. I'm more into extreme side of punk, HC, d-beat, grindcore, PV, and sometimes I'm in the mood for extreme death metal :)
      Also I find interesting to listen sometimes avantgarde, free jazz, few artists can play very chaotic and awesome, he,he...

      About harsh noise, few years ago I was very delighted about the genere.
      And of course I discover that Japanese artists, again are the most ingenious for this (my opinion). Well are also few others from other place who are talented..... And Masonna, Incapacitants and Hijokaidan are huh... If I would have the chance to go see them live, for sure I would be present. I saw on youtube a live video with Hijokaidan... sick show, he,he,he... was a cute lady who scream her lungs out and take a pee on the stage , he,he,he.....but that was not so important, the whole show was a real chaos. Awesome.
      Also a few years ago I met a talented guy from Japan, He play in NRYY, I still like his records this day. And we share three splits together :)
      I try my luck also in this genere few years ago, he,he.. was a nice journey

      I did not know about Masami A. hobby :) I just know that he is against animal cruelty (same me) And I also know that he is pretty old, I think that not sounds very well, but I'm sure that when I will be old like him I'm also will be an aggressive farmer :)