Friday, October 12, 2018

Gore Beyond Necropsy & Arsedestroyer & Nikudorei - Split (2003)

grind-gore-noise from Japan + grind-noise from Sweden + harshnoise from Japan 


  1. Day of Gore Beyond Necropsy? LOL
    About Nikudorei, "Niku" in Japanese means "Meat" in English, and "Dorei" in Japanese means "Slave", maybe you think "What is 'Meat Slave' ???" or "Oh, slave that eats meat so much, right?", but it's WRONG. Though each Japanese word can translate in English easily, "Niku" and "Dorei" make "NikuDorei", actually this word means "Sex Slave" here in Japan LOOOLL
    It's a kind of Japanese sexual slang, you know what I mean? ;)

    1. ha,ha,hah... Yes, was the G.B.N. day.
      And thanks for the info. I think they chose a good name for them :) Sick noise/chaos + sick band name :)