Sunday, October 7, 2018

Caes de Terminal - Ao Vivo Estudio 33 (2018)

raw punk-crust from Brazil


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    1. hey Ben, use the search button or go here

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  3. Hey, this is a good band from Brazil :)
    Also good location and great show ;)
    This is the best way to show love toward their neighbors, I guess LOL

    By the way, talking about harsh noise in Japan, I do love Masonna so much than Merzbow. Because he (Merzbow) is too serious sometimes for me, just like a Scholar...of course, Merzbow is not bad.
    Have you ever listened to Masonna???

    Also like Angel'in Heavy Syrup so much, they played psychedelic rock though, guitarist Fusao Toda from Angel’in Heavy Syrup teamed up with Maso Yamazaki (Masonna) later as Christine 23 Onna, Acid Eater ;)

    1. You're right, Masonna is a badass :)
      He is more chaotic than Merzbow. I like both. I think it depends on your mood when you listen their records :)
      I never listened Angel'in Heavy Syrup, but i will check it out for sure, you always recommend me great records and bands.
      By the way, another great project that blows my mind was Flying Testicle
      It's not really harsh noise, it's a kind of mix between industrial/noise/rock.... and i think is the only one project when Masonna and Merzbow has collaborated...

  4. Caralho ficou bem loko! Crust punk grindcore de kurita!!! Caes de terminal fudido