Thursday, September 27, 2018

Zudas Krust - Matanza Y Muerte Masiva (2008)

discrust from Indonesia


  1. I love Zudas Krust too^^
    Here's another one, not my link though,!i9j1uuLKw/zudas-krust-2013-dogs-of-the-doomland-7-ep-upload-by-smith-rar

    1. Thanks for sharing.
      Feel free to share more links if you have time. I'm sure that lots other punks appreciate your effort and for sure I'm always happy to discover and listen new records

    2. You are welcome, my friend^^
      And okay, I will post or let you know when I have time and discovered something^^
      Also have you already checked my comment in
      I posted there "Confuse's show in 1985" ^^

    3. Yeah and thank you.
      Confuse is one of my favorite '80 punks from Japan.
      When it comes about raw punk Confuse is the grandfather of this genere.

    4. Cool, confuse always rules!!! They are origin of noise punk/hardcore, you know^^
      I love everything about Kita-kyushu hardcore though lol
      I wanted to go to their show, but I was just a kid in their era...

      Aw, Kings World Records (Confuse, Gai, The Swankys, Kuro, etc) facebook is here,

    5. yes, their origin is noise punk/hardcore. This is the reason i like so much not just Confuse, but also lots of other Japanese bands. They have something special, and when it's come about that noisy sounds, Japanese bands are Gods. I have a nice collection of Japanese bands from UG punks, crust to powerviolence and grindcore. Lots of the records are uploaded here on blog

    6. I will post my reply to your "Brujeria - El Patron EP (1994)" entry later :)))

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