Friday, September 28, 2018

Discard - Four Minutes Past Midnight (1994)

punk, d-beat from Sweden


  1. Oh yeah! Swedish Hardcore Punk!!!
    Especially I love Anti Cimex^^

    1. It seems we have the same taste in music :)
      I also like Anti Cimex, I uploaded here somewhere all their Ep's.
      (If someone looking for their Ep's can use the Search button from the blog)

    2. Hell yeah!! We have the same taste in music FOR SURE LOOOOL
      And I know you uploaded killer EPs of Anti cimex here ;)))
      Actually, I thought you are crazy at first when I visited your blog, because "WTF?!?! Over 30 posts in a day?!?!?!" LOOOOOOL
      But I was wrong, because we are the same :)

      Take care of yourself first :)

    3. He,he,heh... I like to think about my self that I'm pretty ok, not crazy. You know, before I start this blog I run another one, than I find a solution to get paid for sharing links... this is the reason I share so many links per day. I also uploaded here almost all the records I shared on my other blog, so was pretty easy and fast to post lots of post in one day. Also I'm kinda a dreamer, my goal is to build here a place with the biggest collection of UG punks, crust, pv, grind and other generes derived from punk and maybe in few years I can quit my job and earn money from this blog and do what i like, discover, share and promote underground bands.
      By the way, because we talk about swedish punks, Shitlickers was another awesome '80 band from Sweden

    4. I will post my reply to your "Brujeria - El Patron EP (1994)" entry later :)))

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