Friday, September 28, 2018

Brujeria - El Patron EP (1994)

hardcore-grind from Mexico


  1. More Brujeria is here

    Password: destileriasonora

    Also I love Machetazo form Spain :)))

    1. Thanks for the links, I have all Brujeria records in my collection but maybe for some punks would was to much for one day if I would uploaded all their stuff, ha,ha,hah .... By the way, you listened Machetazo first grind/noise demo ? Is my favorite for them.

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    3. Hahahahaha, no problem, that will be too much for some punks as you say :)))
      You mean their "46 cabezas aplastadas por un yunque oxidado" demo??? If so, yeees yeees!!! I have listened to it so many times and still love it :)
      Maybe we're brothers or twins??? LOOOOOOOOL
      Early Machetazo reminds me of early Extreme Noise Terror, Sore Throat, Fear Of God and something like good european grindcore :)
      Did you know Machetazo's band logo was designed by Chris Reifert at AUTOPSY????
      Actually Autopsy is my "anytime" favorite, so that's why I know Machetazo loooool

      Okay, now we are pretty okay, not crazies LOL
      And I can understand how you feel, (forced) daily job is ALWAYS boring and sucks, so your idea would be so nice :)
      Anyway, if/when you could be a rich and quit your job, please give me tons of BEER!!! :)))))))
      By the way, have you already closed your other blog??

      Shitlickers (Skitslickers)!!!!!!!
      YEEEES!!! YEEES!!! You know that, you know that!!!!
      Thier GBG 1982 EP is still kicking my (our) ass!!!!
      How about Crude SS? They are "thrashy" a little bit though, I love them :)))

    4. Thank you very much for your kind words about Japan, much appreciated ;))))
      For some tourists, Japan is Anime and Hentai (pervert lol) land LOL

      Woooooow!!!! Transilvania!!!!!! Coool!!! Truely beautiful country :))))
      I have never been there, love to read Dracula's book, folklore, also have a great interest in Transilvanian food :)
      What is your favorite Transilvanian food???

      Yes, our earthquakes are really horrible, you know. can I add 2 more minuses about Japan? lol Those are Typhoons in late August and September, and EXTREME heat in July and August. So many people died because of those in this year...
      If you come here in Japan, I would like to prefer you "from late April to early May" or "October" or early Winter (November) ;)))
      I really hope you will be able to get wonderful experiences here in Japan anyway :)

    5. And Transilvania reminds me of this,

    6. Indeed :) Japanese punk/HC bands have something special (strange? lol), especially bands in Kita-kyushu are really strange in a good way (of course), they are similar to no one, I cannot describe them well though...of course they are inspired by UK/US punk rock/HC & something like traditional, but they are strange :)))
      And Kita-kyu us soooooo far from Tokyo, see the map ;)
      Bands in Tokyo are often similar to Gauze , Death Side, Lip Cream, I guess. Of course, I cannot say everything is like that :)

    7. He,he,heh... yeap, anime and hentai... You know, I'm also a big fan of japanese gore-comedy and comedy movies. In my opinion you're very talented people in everything from architecture-building, cars, up to all kind of arts (music, movies, etc.) Your ingenuity and imagination never stops.

      You are a gourmand ?
      Ummmm... my favorite Transilvanian food.... drinking blood when it's full moon and eating cute little virgin girls, ha,ha,hah ...
      Now seriously I don't really appreciate our cuisine. I'm more into chinese and italian cuisine.
      Here people eat and use lots of meat and fat (pigs, cows, generally animals)... and i'm more into light meat, fish and other crustaceans that offer the sea or sometimes chicken....
      If you want I can send you few our recipes and you can try our cuisine. Maybe you will like it.

      Unfortunately mother nature is not gentle with Japan.... It's sad, but that will not stop me to visit your country and maybe we can meet and you will show me some nice place in your city and we will drink that tons of beers even if I will not be rich, he,he,heh....
      (to be rich is not my goal)

      Can you share a top 10 bands from Kita-kyu ?
      I'm very curious :)

    8. Ahahahahaha!! Noooo, you overestimate we Japanese people's value, we just like making something strange things, and are good at modfying in evil ways LOOOOOOOOOL
      Gore-comedy and comedy movies? Something like "Tokyo Gore Police"?? Talking about myself, of course I love them all LOL Not only that, I love watching movies, especially gore, horror, and cult ones :)))

      Thank you very much for your informaion about cuisine :)))
      No no, I'm GOREmand, not gourmand lol Seriously I'm just curious, because I could not get information about Transilvanian food so much here in Japan... is Transilvanian cuisine from Romanian cuisine.??? We have some "mâncare românească" restaurant here in Tokyo, so maybe I should try it before you send me your recipes :)

      Yeeees, it's really severe for us...actually, the typhoon hit Japan yesterday, a lighthouse (about 10meters in height) in Okinawa disappeared because of it, and nobody still knows where that lighthouse has gone...can you believe it??? I cannot believe it LOL
      Oh yeah, rich ALWAYS sucks LOOOOOL Okay, when you came here in Japan, let's hang out and drink til we drowned in BEER LOOOOL

      Top 10 bands from Kita-Kyushu???.....Impossible LOOOOL
      Seriously, it's so hard, sorry...I have lost almost bands' tapes, LPs, zines when I moved the place that I live in I can only mention my favorite Japanese hardcore punk bands now:) Okay?

      The Swankys
      The Execute (only early stuffs)
      Gastunk (only early stuffs)
      Sieg Heil (really horrible LOL)
      Death Side

      Mmmm, boring for you? LOOOOOOL

    9. Gauze

      Death Side



      The Execute


      Seig Heil

    10. Now I'm listening to Seig Heil for the first time in a while, they are SUPER COOL LOL, not bad at all :))))
      Actually, TV (Bass player at The Swankys) was a member of Seig Heil :))

    11. Yeap, Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, Mutant Girls Squad, Zombie Ass: The Toilet of the Dead, Chimamire Sukeban Chenso, Kyonyu doragon: Onsen zonbi vs sutorippa 5.... and more, and more, and more, are so many awesome japanese gore movies.

      Ha,ha,hah.. you're not GOREmand ? Then, it's ok :)
      Yes, Transilvania is in Romania, so it's the same cuisine "mancare romaneasca". But wooow, I'm surprised to hear that in Japan exist restaurants with a romanian menu. So you can try something there, sarmale, tocanita, fasole cu ciolan, mici....
      Fasole cu ciolan (beans with pork) and with pickles, is the best, delicious.

      hummm... Strange incident with that lighthouse...
      Thanks for sharing your favorite bands. D-Clone are killers, Gauze
      Confuse, Gai, The Swankys, Kuro are also in my top favorite.
      I will check out later The Execute, Gastunk and Sieg Heil.