Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Slave Birth - Self Titled (2016)

powerviolence from Australia

Sick Fuckin O - Sex Cells EP (2010)

powerviolence from UK

Skuff - Demo (2012)

bass and drum powerviolence from Canada

Vatican Commandos - Just A Frisbee EP (1983)

hardcore / punk from USA

Vatican Commandos - Hit Squad For God EP (1983)

A few years ago all music mainstream stations plays a bald guy, Moby, songs every day, every hours . . . Before Moby become a well know trendy superstar he played hardcore / punk, more exactly on this record. Because later he was kicked out of the band. Maybe because he had other priorities or other ideas about music. Anyway, it's pretty interesting how he started playing music.

STD - Another Dead Asshole (1984)

hardcore / punk from USA

Virus - Dark Ages (1984)

hardcore / punk from USA

Sector 4 - Disc-Lexia EP (1983)

punk'n'roll from USA

Killing Children - Certain Death EP (1983)

punk / hardcore from USA

Maimed For Life - Maimed For Life EP (1985)

hardcore / punk from USA