Monday, August 6, 2018

Persevere - Tragic End EP (2009)

hardcore-punk from Hiroshima, Japan

Persevere - Sex Tracks EP (2005)

hardcore-punk from Hiroshima, Japan

Persevere - Panic Land EP (2003)

hardcore-punk from Hiroshima, Japan

Persevere - Irrationality (2001)

hardcore-punk from Hiroshima, Japan

Total Fury - 13 Song (2000)

hardcore from Japan

Total Fury - Spring Thrash EP (1997)

hardcore from Japan

Wart - Tono-Core '06 (The Sound Of ''Tonostudani-Hardcore'') (2006)

punk-hardcore from Japan

Sic - ...Vintage Shit When John Was Singing EP (1992)

fast hardcore-punk from Japan

Sic - Get Up And Do It EP (1989)

fast hardcore-punk from Japan

Sheeva Yoga & Sterbeihilfe (2002)

fastcore-powerviolence from Czech and grindcore from Germany

Wasteoid - Total Pukeoid (2001)

grindcore from USA

Agathocles - Full On in Nippon LP (2011)

mincecore from Belgium

Agathocles - Hunt Hunters EP (2009)

mincecore from Belgium

Agathocles - Minced in Piracicaba Brazil '07

mincecore from Belgium

Agathocles & Maximum Thrash (2012)

mincecore from Belgium and thrashcore from Indonesia

Agathocles & Renounce Authority (2012)

mincecore from Belgium and grindcore from Germany

Agathocles & Cu Sujo (2008)

mincecore from Belgium and fastcore violence from Brazil

Agathocles & Urban Strugle (2002)

mincecore from Belgium + hardcore-punk from France 

xKatexMoshx & FxAxSxTx (2014)

fastcore from Italy and Hungary

Crippled Fox & GxFxTx (2011)

thrashcore from Hungary + fast hardcore-punk from Lithuania

Crippled Fox & Lei Do Cao (2011)

thrashcore, fastcore from Hungary and Brazil

Crippled Fox & Bob Rooney (2011)

thrashcore, fastcore from Hungary and Germany

Max Ward & the Scrotums (2007)

powerviolence from USA

Yacopsae & To The Point - (2012)

grindviolence from Germany and USA

Yacopsae & Bizarre X (1999)

grindviolence from Germany


Jabara - Japanese Title (2011)

hardcore-punk-thrash from Japan

Jabara - ...And Now And... EP (2006)

hardcore-punk-thrash from Japan

Jabara - Greatest Demo (2004)

hardcore-punk-thrash from Japan

Jabara - Why We Wish (2000)

hardcore-punk-thrash from Japan

Agents Of Satan - The Old Testament (discography)

hardcore-grind from USA

The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last EP (2005)

hardcore-mathcore-noise-electronics from San Diego, California
(similar to Holy Molar  and Melt Banana)

One Yah One - Japanese Title (2003)

hardcore-punk from Japan

Thrashington D.C - Let Your Body Talk (2009)

punk-fastcore from France 

Thrashington D.C - To Live And Die In B.M.O. (2007)

punk-fastcore from France 

The Endless Blockade - Final Tape (2011)

powerviolence from Canada

Phonophobia - .....Of The People? By The People? For The People? (2002)

female fronted crust-grind from Japan