Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Unholy Grave - Raw Grind Mayhem EP (2007)

grindcore from Japan

Unholy Grave - Kill 'em All For One EP (2001)

grindcore from Japan

Unholy Grave - Tortured Alive EP (2000)

grindcore from Japan

VA - Mosh Circle Jerk Punks!! (2002)

punk-hardcore, thrashcore bands from Japan

VA - I Love Sapporo Hard Core (2001)

hardcore bands from Japan

DopeMess - Self Titled (2018)

sludge-grindviolence from Sacramento, California

Vallanhimo - Demo (2018)

hardcore-punk from Finland

Toadeater - Demo (2018)

blackened crust from Germany

Barricada Anal - Discografia Anal (2018)

fastcore from Argentina

VA - Crust Night 2002: The War Begins For Them !! (2002)

great crust, discrust, d-beat compilation with Japanese bands

VA - Japan In Decline (1999)

crust, thrashcore, grindcore bands from Japan

VA - Thrash Til Death (1986)

old school hardcore-punk bands from Japan

VA - Nagasaki Nightrider (1986)

collection of Japanese 80's punk and hardcore bands

The Discocks - Long Live Oi! (1997)

punk-oi from Japan

The Discocks - Class Of '94 EP (1995)

punk-oi from Japan

The Discocks - Voice Of Youth EP (1994)

punk-oi from Japan

Profoss - EP (2018)

d-beat from Malmo, Sweden

Cracked Eye - Self Titled (2017)

female fronted, great punk-hardcore from London and Ontario

Cartagena - Self Titled (2018)

female fronted punk-hardcore from Chile

AxTxOxT - Demo (2018)

raw punk-hardcore from UK

Consumed Identity - Demo (2018)

punk-hardcore, crossover from Gothenburg, Sweden

Humanoids - I See You (2018)

punk-hardcore from San Luis Obispo, California

JKKFO - III (2018)

JKKFO = Jim Kelly Kung Fu Orchestra 
hardcore, fastcore from Ione, California

Rovnou Chodbou - Demo (2003)

raw punk-hardcore from Slovakia

Mladina Kina - Fak Your Pank (2008)

punk-hardcore from Slovenia

Ratas Rabiosas - Self Titled

paw punk-hardcore, crust from Peru

Tropiezo - Colaboraciones Vol.1 (2015)

hardcore-punk from Puerto Rico 

Kria Kuervos - Revienta Al Gran Hermano (2013)

female fronted hardcore-punk from Paraguay

Kria Kuervos - Soy Animal (2012)

female fronted hardcore-punk from Paraguay

Tercer Mundo - Same EP (2012)

punk-hardcore from Mexico

Throat Hash - Demo (2014)

awesome powerviolence from Canada

Throat Slitter - Demo (2014)

great grindviolence from Canada

Whitemouse - Demo (2013)

fastcore, sludge-powerviolence from Canada

Waste Away - Demo (2013)

powerviolence from Canada

Take One For The Team - Mosh Hard With A Vengeance (2006)

fastcore from Canada

Sobras del Descontento - Cuando La Destruccion Lo Es Todo, Los suenos Personales No Son Nada (2008)

male/female, two vocals fastcore, powerviolence from Chile

Skit Youth Army - Self Titled EP (2005)

fastcore, powerviolence from France