Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Disjawn - Blunt Smoke Night (2018)

raw punk, d-beat, crust from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amygdala - Population Control (2016)

female fronted, blackened crust, hardcore from San Antonio, Texas

Amygdala - The Horror Of Never Being Able To Forget (2014)

female fronted, blackened crust, hardcore from San Antonio, Texas

Distrust - Destructive Asocial Noise (2018)

discrust from El Salvador

Dislodos - Anti War Grindcore (2018)

grindcore from Malaysia

Bombangrepp - Maktmissbrukande Svin (2017)

crust, d-beat from Sweden

Nahu - Eternal Recurrence Of Carnage (2012)

grindcore from South Korea

Mobattack - The Side Effects of War (2018)

d-beat from California

Dispara - Coasta Oesta Powerviolence (2018)

fastcore, powerviolence from Chile

CPU Rave - Demo (2018)

female fronted noise punk from Montreal, Canada

Shitpissers - Demo (2016)

noise d-beat from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Fanculo Merda - Malessere Esistenziale (2017)

grindcore from Italy

Fanculo Merda - Self Titled (2016)

grindcore from Italy

Contorture - Who's in Charge (2013)

all-girls, crust, d-beat, discrust from Sweden

CPU - Demo (2018)

female fronted hardcore, punk from Madrid, Spain 

D-Basta - Demo (2012)

crust, d-beat from Mexico

Electro Hippies - Play Fast or Die (1989)

raw punk from UK

Electro Hippies - ...Killing Babies Is Tight (1986)

raw punk from UK

Vagra - Last Breath (2018)

d-beat from Gainesville, Florida